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3 Time-Tested Garage Door Materials to Give Your Home a Facelift

Modern hood with custom garage door

A new garage door is a great way to give your property a facelift while ensuring the safety of your home. With so many different doors on the market now, we’ve prepared a brief overview of the types of garage doors you can purchase. 


Steel doors are becoming more and more popular because they’re strong, relatively inexpensive and low maintenance. Weather doesn’t stand a chance against these doors. Most steel doors won’t warp, crack, delaminate or fall apart in the outdoor elements. Additionally, they don’t rust or require repainting as other doors do. New technologies have made it possible for steel doors to be embossed, which allow for wood-grain designs, without the maintenance of a wood door. 


Wood doors are known for the natural beauty and individual customization that accompanies the material. While wood garage doors will be more of a cost investment it provides more design options. Wood can be made to look like almost anything but does also require the most long-term maintenance.

wood tone garage door with an overlay


Fiberglass doors are translucent and resist the effects of salty air, but also break easily, yellow with age and are poorly insulated. This makes them a better option for warmer environments that don’t require a need for insulated doors.

Aluminum doors are extremely lightweight and offer the same customization as steel doors with woodgrain embossing. Unfortunately, aluminum doors dent very easily.  Combinations of these door materials consist of an aluminum frame and fiberglass sections, offering a lightweight option but low in durability.

glass garage doors with frosted windows


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