Prevent Seasonal Damage to your Garage Door

How to Prevent Seasonal Damage to Your Door

Prevent Seasonal Damage to your Garage Door

It’s important to protect operating gates from extreme temperatures. During colder months, the most common issue is ice or snow buildup on the gate’s tracks. 

Especially with swing gates, a snowdrift will obstruct the path. When this occurs, the operator will try and push through, burn itself out or sense the resistance and reverse rather than close.

Another problem that arises in cold weather is ice buildup on the chains. This causes difficulty with the teeth trying to move the chain, gears and sprockets that are inside.

To prevent these issues from happening, carefully knock off any ice you see accumulating on the chains. In the case of snow, make sure you don’t shovel any piles or drifts into the traffic pattern for the gates.

In regards to warmer weather, your top priority is keeping your gate lubed. You’ll also want to ensure that pests don’t invade the case while looking for shaded areas to set up home – rodents and wires don’t mix well.

For more tips on preparing your gate for extreme temperatures, we encourage you to reach out to us today at (405) 579-3667. Our experienced team is prepared to solve all your operating gate and door needs! 

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