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Re-Prioritize Access To Your Attic

Having some extra storage space in your attic is always a great idea. What better use of space than to store non-essential items up there? However, you’ll need a reliable way to access these items and then safely get them up there. That’s where Top Quality Doors comes in! In Norman, OK, we install foldable attic stairs into your home!

Choose from the following:

  • Wood Folding Attic Stairs
  • Aluminum Attic Stairs
  • Steel Folding Attic Stairs

Not all attic spaces are created equally. Homes that are designed with the intention of using the attic as a functional living space are more likely to have a sturdy, more permanent staircase. On the other hand, some homes come with an attic primarily intended for storage, or a less dedicated version of attic stairs. Find out your attic stair installation options by calling Top Quality Doors, or read on for further information about the potential for your attic stairs.

What’s So Great About Attic Stairs?

Attic stairs are traditionally and conveniently pull-down steps that allow you to walk straight up into the attic. However, older installations that are wobbly, creaky, or cause any kind of uncertainty or anxiety would understandably be steered clear of. Contacting Top Quality Doors would ensure your family members are safely accessing stairs that are made of the best quality materials installed by professionals.

As a finished basement exceeds a home’s value, so do secure attic stairs. Depending on how often you visit your attic, some homeowners choose to modify their attic stairs. With our professional installation, we make sure your attic stairs are well-balanced so they fold out and close in easily. No more sudden movements and instability when accessing your attic!

attic stairs
Before attic stair repair
after attic stair installation
attic stairs

Turn To Top Quality Doors for Attic Stair Repair and Installation

Because the attic stairs we install are foldable, they present a great, economical option to reach your storage space. We provide reliable, safe stairs so that you don’t have to worry about wobbly steps or mechanisms. We always make sure that our attic stairs are installed safely, so you can transport items up and down with security.

With our professional attic stair installation in Norman, OK, allows us to provide you with comfort. There’s no reason to be scared of your attic now!

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Convert Your Attic Into A Functional Space!

You no longer have to associate your attic as a dingy, dark, and creepy space primarily used for storage that is long forgotten. Traditional attic stairs come in a pull-down style, which is commonly accessible through a hatch, or a trapdoor style. Rejuvenate your attic stairs with energy-efficient or fire-rated attic stairs. Don’t worry; we can discuss all of your options when you’re ready to upgrade the safety and security of your home.


Seal your attic’s opening and protect your home from heat loss when you choose insulated attic stairs. 


If your attic has a window, then you already have the added benefit of natural lighting illuminating the space. If not, consider installing adequate lighting for safety.

Contact Top Quality Doors for Attic Stair Installation

When was the last time you visited your attic? Your attic can be a more common space in your home with the help of our attic stair installation experts. 

You’ve invested a lot into your home, so it’s important you have reliable access to every part of it. If you’re ready for easy access to your storage space, contact Top Quality Doors in Norman, OK today! As a local veteran and woman-owned company, we take the wellbeing of the communities we serve very seriously. We’ll install your attic stairs safely and securely. Call us to get started!

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