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Garage Door Cable Repair Near You

When it comes to garage door service near Norman, OK, you can count on the experts at Top Quality Doors to provide the best workmanship and parts for a guaranteed outcome. Among the wide range of overhead door services we provide, garage door cable repair is one of the most common. 

Because cables hold a high amount of tension to maintain the weight of your garage door, they are prone to wear and tear and may eventually become loose or break. When this happens, you need to schedule emergency garage door cable repair to prevent further issues with your garage door system. 

Let us serve your home with the best local garage door service, ensuring your garage door system is equipped to run reliably for a long time. Call now to schedule a garage door cable repair or replacement for your home!

What Are Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cables are installed on either side of your garage door. Attached to the door’s bottom bracket and a cable drum at the top of the door, cables work in a counterbalance system with springs to maintain the weight of your garage door. The cables then unwrap and wrap around the drum as the torsion spring turns. This system, with the help of strong garage door springs, ensures the door moves up and down smoothly and safely.

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Signs You Need Garage Door Cable Repair

Because garage door cables are a critical part of your garage door system, issues like loose or broken cables should be addressed quickly. If you notice any of the below problems, contact us immediately for garage door cable repair near Norman, OK, and throughout the Oklahoma City Metro. 

  • Your garage door comes up at an angle.
  • Your garage door shakes, creaks, or squeaks as it operates.
  • Your garage door crashes closed suddenly. 
  • Your garage door is stuck and won’t go up or down.
  • Your cables are frayed or out of place. 

Contact Us for Same-Day Garage Door Service!

When you partner with Top Quality Doors for garage door service in Oklahoma City Metro, you are guaranteed workmanship by certified professionals and parts that are installed to last. Need help with a broken garage door cable or emergency garage door repair? Contact us today to schedule garage door cable repair or replacement!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not recommend attempting to open your garage door when it has a loose or broken cable. Without professional training, you could cause further damage to the door or injury to yourself by attempting DIY repairs. Instead, call for emergency garage door service when you notice an issue with your garage door. Top Quality Doors is available whenever you need assistance with broken garage door cables. 

Like all garage door parts, garage door cables work hard to operate your overhead door day in and day out. Usually, cables will last 10-15,000 cycles of opening and closing your garage door or 8-12 years. To extend the life of your cables – and your entire garage door system – we recommend scheduling yearly maintenance

Depending on the issue with your garage door cable – whether it is frayed or snapped – we can offer several methods for how to fix it. If you have a loose garage door cable that is hanging out of the cable drum, it may just need to be reset for an easy fix. On the other hand, if you have a broken garage door cable, you may need a garage door cable replacement to restore your garage door to its full function. Regardless of the issue, it’s best to let a professional handle your garage door cable repair near Norman, OK. Call Top Quality Doors for fast service! 

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