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residential gates

As a full-service access control company, we service, repair, and install residential gates. Professionally certified, we are ready to serve the property surrounding your home with top-quality materials, installation, and experience for gate installation.

Top Quality Doors is a local gate company that has been involved in the Norman, OK community since 2011. We are a veteran and woman-owned business that provides both residential and commercial gate services to the local community and beyond.

Our service area includes Oklahoma City Metro and the surrounding areas. Superior craftsmanship and an extensive list of satisfied clients highlight our company’s resume. Need residential gate service near OKC? Our specialized and certified team is trained for all residential gate services.


Top Quality Doors combines decades of experience in the garage door and automated gate industries, bringing the very best to our neighbors. Trust your family and home to a family-owned gate company that has been a part of the Norman, OK community for years.

Savvy homeowners shop every outlet and website available before deciding on their best option for home services. With a local company you:

  • Enjoy a personal experience – Big box retailers have sales associates on commission; local companies have a vested interest in their neighborhoods.
  • Lower taxes – Buying local creates a broader tax base, which lowers taxes for everybody. And local companies can provide information on the products that might qualify for tax credits.
  • Multiplier effect creates wealth for the local economy – Spending locally means more money for each person.

Master Tech of Doors & Certified In Design

Kelly Belvin is the only IDEA Master Tech in the state of Oklahoma certified for doors! He is also designated as a Certified Automated Gate Systems Designer by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). This prestigious certification means Kelly can demonstrate a high degree of knowledge regarding safety standards and expertise in the design of automated gate systems. He is currently working on his master technician for gates as IDEA releases those as well.

Kelly Belvin, the only IDEA Master Tech in the state of Oklahoma


Any standard residential gate will offer high security for families and provide access control to guests. The standard size of a main gate should be about 10 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet in height which provides enough space for vehicles.

Top Quality Doors will do a complete site inspection to recommend the best options. Modern residential gate technology offers homeowners the opportunity to make their home truly unique with options such as:

  1. Keeping your residential gate system powered at all times with high-performance technologies.
  2. Smart residential gate accessories including a keypad, free exit, cellular or data service, myQ connection, and many others.
  3. Custom configurations are available for every situation.


Before investing in an automated gate system, one of the first things to consider is the overall look you want to achieve for your home. Do you prefer a sliding or swing gate? What level of access control does your home need? How would you like your gate system to be powered: solar or electric? The answers to these questions will help us find the best solution for your new residential gate installation.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are great for areas where the lay of the land has an upward slope, or space is too restricted for the path of travel for a swing gate. Sliding gates require a longer fence stretch to accommodate length, meaning the gate needs to be 1.5 times the width of the opening and also needs room to accommodate the tracks and rollers.

Swinging Gates

A swinging gate is another popular residential gate configuration which provides more placement options when the fence run isn’t long enough for a sliding gate. It has fewer maintenance requirements and only needs half the hardware that sliding gates require. However, swing gates need more room in the length of the driveway and a fairly level area to operate efficiently.


Residential gates are a great way to protect your family and assets. However, whether your gate is a sliding or swing entry, it’s of no use if the technology is out of date or simply incapable of denying access. Top Quality Doors provides secure access control systems to handle any size home or estate. One of the most common methods of gaining access is by a dedicated cellular telephone line. Once secure communication has been established, a property owner can grant or deny access to the visitor.

Another common method is the use of a keypad located at the entry of the property. Visitors key in a series of numbers or letters to gain entry. Emerging technology and new uses of existing technology are establishing new protocols with a focus on security first, such as VoIP for telephone entry systems.

Whether you are looking for a simple automatic gate system to keep uninvited people from entering your driveway or a high-end security gate system to protect from theft and violence, Top Quality Doors can assist with the design and installation. Technology adds a tremendous advantage to homeowners who want ease of use and an increased sense of safety. There are very few gate companies that know how to install and maintain an advanced automatic gate system. Even fewer companies in Norman, OK and the surrounding areas are dedicated to doing it right every time.


Top Quality Doors adds to its considerable client service by offering an advanced preventive maintenance program called “The Shield”. Homeowners who want to protect their investments should consider this all-encompassing maintenance program.

The Shield sets a baseline of consistent management for your residential gate and associated systems. Investing in this preventative program weeds out any developing problems in the system before they take hold and hamper your property’s security. The exclusive Shield program is based on the individual components, age, and amount of use of your unique automated gate system.

For our Shield Program, a Top Quality Doors technician, trained for your distinctive system, will perform a 24-point check based on each of the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your system must meet UL325 Vehicular Gate Standard to take advantage of the Shield program. If your system does not meet the standard, Top Quality Doors can make the necessary changes.


Many homeowners upgrade their property with an automatic gate system for security and aesthetics. If you want to protect your property, we can recommend the best access control and heavy-duty gate products. Or, if you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal, we install beautiful decorative gates. Whatever your residential gate needs, Top Quality Doors is here to help!

Most residential gates are considered ‘light-use’ – operated 2-4 times a day – so they should be serviced once a year. If you use your gate more frequently, you may want to consider scheduling service twice a year – in the spring and fall. 

With so many products available for residential gates, the pricing varies widely from $1,000-$10,000. The cost of your residential gate depends on: 

  • Size 
  • Materials
  • Hardware
  • Labor
  • Smart Features

Depending on the specific needs of your property and your budget, we’ll work with you to find the best residential gate!

Yes, updating your property access with an automatic gate can add up to 5% to your resale value! Residential gates are a great security measure and a boost for curb appeal, which is appealing for potential homebuyers. 

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