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Steel Garage Doors

Top Quality Steel Garage Doors

Top Quality Doors offers many garage door installation types near Norman OK and neighboring service areas. Whether you’re in the market for wood, steel, aluminum, or glass garage doors we’ve got you covered. For all things steel garage doors, we can help you best incorporate them into your home or business without compromising cohesion or design aesthetics. 

What Is a Steel Garage Door?

A steel garage door is just like it sounds. These are overhead door types that are crafted from steel sheets and come in various layered levels depending on the specific needs of your home or business. Steel garage doors also come in varying levels of insulation which helps to inform the amount of layers needed for your door as a whole. Manufacturers construct steel doors in sections, or panels, and will have one or two sheets of steel on either side with customizable layering options in between. 

Steel doors are comprised of any combination of the following components:

  • 1 layer of steel
  • 2 layers of steel 
  • 3 layers (steel and insulation)
  • Insulated layers
  • Non-insulated layers
  • Polystyrene insulation
  • Polyurethane insulation
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Benefits Of A Steel Garage Door

There are many expansive benefits of installing a steel garage door or doors to your home or business. Steel garage doors are incredibly sturdy and make for an excellent barrier against the elements. Aside from their enhanced durability, a few additional benefits of a steel garage door are as follows:


Steel garage doors are incredibly versatile. They have the ability to be fashioned into any style, any size, and are infinitely customizable with window, color, and hardware options. They can also be heavily insulated to meet the needs of any home or business. Hurricane doors are a great example of this! If you’re looking for design freedom and durability, steel doors are certainly the way to go.

Steel doors can be fashioned into any of the following most common design styles:

  • Traditional
  • Carriage
  • Modern

Energy Efficiency

Insulated steel garage doors are magnificent for energy efficiency and temperature control. Multi-layered steel doors are an excellent investment if the contents inside of your space need to maintain a specific temperature seasonally or year-round. These door types will maintain your garage or workspace’s internal temperature by preventing air drafts, which in turn keeps costs and usage low on your energy bill. 


Steel garage doors are far less penetrable than other garage door options like glass. This adds an extra element of protection to your home or business. The durability of steel makes break-in attempts all the more difficult and serves as a deterrent to potential crime or theft on your property.

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Ask us about the steel garage door options we provide today! Top Quality Doors works with leading brands like C.H.I. Overhead Doors and Haas to serve you with the best door types the market has to offer. Contact us today to speak with a service professional and discuss which steel garage door options are right for you. Once you’ve decided, look no further than Top Quality Garage Doors for prompt, professional garage door installation services. We are eager to serve you!

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