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You may not realize it, but malfunctioning garage door systems can be dangerous. Garage doors can weigh several hundred pounds, and garage door parts maintain high tension to keep the heavy door in place. When you have a broken part or bent panels, it makes your garage door potentially dangerous to family members and pets and more likely to cause damage to your car or valuables in your garage. 

To ensure your family and home are safe when your garage door isn’t working as it should, we offer emergency garage door repair in Norman, OK. When you call for help, we’ll be at your home quickly to provide the best solutions for restoring full functionality and safety to your garage door system. Call now for emergency garage door repair near you!

Top Reasons to Call for Emergency Garage Door Repair

What constitutes a garage door emergency? The most common calls we get for emergency garage door repair involve these issues:

  1. Your garage door won’t open or close when you press the remote or keypad, leaving you trapped in the garage or your home exposed.
  2. Your garage door is stuck halfway and makes grinding or screeching noises when it tries to move.
  3. Your garage door rollers have come off the track, leaving your overhead door hanging and bending the panels. 

A broken or stuck garage door can leave your car trapped in the garage or force you to leave your home exposed with an open garage door overnight. To avoid these situations, Top Quality Doors will provide emergency garage door repair in Norman, OK, to ensure your family remains safe and your overhead operates as it should.

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What Not To Do During a Garage Door Emergency

If you find yourself in a situation where your garage door is stuck or off-track, it is essential not to try to move or repair it on your own. Garage doors are extremely heavy, and the springs and cables hold high tension to keep them in place. Attempting to fix the door on your own is dangerous and can lead to serious injury or damage to your car. It is best to leave everything as it is and immediately call for emergency garage door repair near Norman, OK. Remember, broken garage doors should only be handled by professionals who are trained to deal with high-tension springs and cables. So, do not take the risk and leave the repairs to the experts.

How You Can Help Prevent Emergency Garage Door Repair

We recommend investing in regular garage door maintenance to prevent emergencies. Annual garage door tune-ups in the spring or fall help you catch early signs of a garage door issue, like rust, wear, or broken parts. Maintenance also keeps your garage door system in top shape because everything stays tightened, well-lubricated, and balanced so that your garage door operates smoothly. While garage door maintenance can’t prevent all garage door issues, it does ensure you stay ahead of sudden failures caused by worn-out parts. So schedule garage door maintenance in Norman, OK, today!

Contact Us When You Need Emergency Garage Door Service

If your garage door is stuck or won’t close, leaving your home exposed, contact us quickly to schedule emergency garage door repair near you. Our quality garage door repair services are backed by years of on-the-job experience, so we can guarantee the best results for your broken garage door. Contact us today to book your appointment, and we’ll arrive at your home promptly to complete your emergency garage door repair. You’ll know your home is safe with Top Quality Doors taking care of your garage door system!

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