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Family-Owned, Local Garage Door Repair Company

When you work with Top Quality Doors, you know you’re relying on a local company that is vested in their Oklahoma City Metro neighborhood and surrounding areas. Our woman and veteran-owned business repairs several operating systems, and garage door repair is just one of our specialties!

In the event your garage door needs repair, call Top Quality. Our team of garage door professionals is knowledgeable about common garage door repair issues and what your garage door needs. Whether your garage door won’t open or you need your cables replaced, you can always count on our garage door technicians to handle your garage door repair near Norman OK, and the Oklahoma City Metro neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Ask Top Quality About Our Garage Door Openers!

You can have the best garage door system with the latest garage door opener technology. With Top Quality Doors, we operate with name-brand companies and several models to match our diverse residential and commercial clientele. We’re here for your garage door opener repair! See our garage door opener page.

You can depend on us to complete your garage door repair any time you call! Top Quality Door is your one-stop garage door service. Whatever question or need you have regarding the largest door to your home in or near Norman OK, call us at (405) 579-3667 and we’ll send one of our experienced garage door technicians your way!

garage door opener repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my garage door need insulation?

You will be happy with an insulated garage door because you can control the temperature within your home, and the noise coming from your garage door opener. Since Oklahoma experiences snow, insulating your garage door is important if you want to lessen energy costs. Your R-value, or energy efficiency of a product will be higher and add notable value to your garage door system.

This may be due to something blocking your garage door sensors. These sensors are located at the base of your garage door. If the sensors can’t see each other, the door won’t close. This keeps it from closing on any people, pets, or possessions. Try clearing away any dust or dirt from the sensors and ensure they’re aligned properly and that nothing’s in the way. If this still doesn’t work, give us a call and we’ll inspect your garage door and opener.

Call our office at (405) 579-3667 for commercial garage door repair, or other access control services. Top Quality Doors is nationally recognized and certified to repair, maintain, and install any commercial garage door you need for your business or industrial property. For more information, view our commercial garage door page or call our office.

Repair your garage door if these issues arise:

  • My garage door makes a loud grinding or popping noise when opening or closing.
  • My garage door refuses to open or close.
  • There is separation and rusting between my garage door springs.
  • I have a dented or missing garage door panel.
  • My garage door needs general maintenance.
  • The installation in my garage door is old or falling apart.
  • My garage door is out of alignment.

My garage door might need repair because I am missing one or the following:

  • Cables
  • Springs
  • Panels
  • Sensors
  • Rollers
  • Hinges
  • Motors
  • Tracks

If you detect any of these issues, or the issue you are experiencing with your garage door is not listed above, call one of our professional and skilled local Top Quality Doors technicians at (405) 579-3667 for garage door repair.

Have an Emergency? Call Top Quality Doors ASAP!

We serve our customers around the clock, so don’t hesitate to call one of our expert technicians as soon as you notice a problem with your garage door! Don’t try to tackle a heavy and complicated repair project yourself! Top Quality Doors serves the Oklahoma City Metro neighborhood and surrounding areas for any of your garage door repair needs.

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