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Shield Program
Custom gate installation by Top Quality Doors

Top Quality Doors is excited to announce the Shield Preventive Maintenance Program. This program is for homeowners and companies that want to protect the investment in their property that a gate operator, telephone entry, and access control system represent. 

The purpose of this program is to establish consistent, scheduled maintenance for gate operators, telephone entry, and access control systems. Clients that invest in a preventive maintenance program benefit from enhanced reliability and extended product life span. The Shield Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program has been designed for early detection of possible malfunctions and to reduce the potential downtime of a system that is expected to work 24/365. This early detection could prevent the concern that an unsecured home can cause as well as the added security expense for an unsecured facility.

Top Quality Doors will design a customized Shield PM Program based on the number of components in your system, the expected daily use, and the location of your property, regardless of who supplied and/or installed the system. Our certified technicians will service your system based on a standard 24-point checklist and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Master Tech of Doors & Certified In Design

Kelly Belvin is the only IDEA Master Tech in the state of Oklahoma certified for doors! He is also designated as a Certified Automated Gate Systems Designer by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). This prestigious certification means Kelly can demonstrate a high degree of knowledge regarding safety standards and expertise in the design of automated gate systems. He is currently working on his master technician for gates as IDEA releases those as well.

Kelly Belvin, the only IDEA Master Tech in the state of Oklahoma

Our standard 24-point checklist includes:

  1. Disconnect the operator and check the gate for proper operation.
  2. Adjust and/or lubricate gate rollers and hinges.
  3. Run operator while disconnected to test maximum run timer.
  4. While testing the maximum run timer, check the motor for heating and balance.
  5. Check oil in the gear head (if so equipped) and fill if necessary.
  6. Inspect belts for wear and tension.
  7. Check clutch facing for wear and glazing.
  8. Inspect brake, brake disc, and brake solenoid. Adjust if required.
  9. Check the key in the intermediate shaft at the brake (certain models).
  10. Check and adjust chain tension. Observe if the chain is drooping no more than 3” over the entire length.
  11. Inspect idler and drive sprockets for wear, wobble, and alignment. Tighten set screws.
  12. Operate and test manual disconnect.
  13. Inspect electrical wire connections and relays.
  14. Test power at rest and while operating the gate.
  15. Operate the gate with the operator and observe unusual activities.
  16. Adjust clutch and limit switches.
  17. Check operator posts or mounting bolts for movement.
  1. Inspect and tighten all mounting bolts, inside and out.
  2. Test all gate operating devices:
    1. Radio Controls
    2. Single and three-button stations
    3. Card readers, keypads, or key switches
    4. Timer to close
    5. Seven-day timer to hold open
    6. Free exit loops
  3. Test all safety devices:
    1. Safety loops
    2. Safety “bump” edge (inspect cord/check batteries)
    3. Photo eye (check reflectors for cracks, etc. and apply Rain X)
    4. Check roller guards on cantilever gates
    5. Test S.O.S. (emergency vehicle operating device) if so equipped
  4. Lubricate the chain
  5. Check obstruction sensing system for proper adjustment
  6. Inspect warning signs on the gate (replace if necessary)
  7. Report any variance to the UL 325 Vehicular Gate Standard dated March 1, 2000 (Revised January 12, 2016, and month day, 2018)
Custom gate installation

If repairs are determined to be needed, a digital estimate for the repairs will be provided for your approval. If the estimate is approved while the technician is still on site, our technician will complete the repairs that your time and our truck inventory allow. Any repairs that cannot be completed during this visit will be scheduled by our office with the client.

As a local, woman and veteran-owned and operated company, we focus on the safety of our clients and our technicians. Top Quality Doors will not perform the Shield PM program on any system that does not meet the UL 325 Vehicular Gate Standard. Top Quality Doors will provide a written estimate to bring the system into compliance. If this estimate is approved, we will make the suggested changes and then the system can be enrolled in the Shield PM Program.

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