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attic stairs

Attic Stair Installation – The Easy Storage Solution

Safe and Convenient Attic Stair Installation Are your closets bursting at the seams with items you only use occasionally? Do you find yourself Googling “unique storage ideas” or “storage solutions for small spaces?” Do you park your vehicle in your driveway instead of inside your garage because it’s too full...
Raised Panel Garage Door

14 Ways to Improve Garage Door Security

Protect Your Home With Increased Garage Door Security Did you know that 9% of home break-ins occur through the garage door? Nine percent might not sound like much, but considering there are 2.5 million home invasions annually in the United States, that equates to 225,000 burglars and intruders finding access...
Overlay Recessed Panel Garage Door

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Color

The Importance of Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Color For Your Home Are you in the process of building a new home? If so, it might feel like you’re making a million design decisions, and the choice of garage door color is something you’d rather rush past. Or maybe your...

The Advantages of Professional Garage Door Repair

Professional Garage Door Repair vs. DIY Repairs If your garage door stops working, trying a DIY garage door repair might be tempting. With the plethora of YouTube “experts” claiming to know the ins and outs of garage door systems, one might wonder if professional garage door repair is even necessary...
opened garage door with LiftMaster garage door opener.

Preparing for Garage Door Opener Installation: The How-To Guide

A Homeowner’s Guide to Preparing for Garage Door Opener Installation Garage door openers aren’t something you buy every day, so knowing how to choose the best opener to prepare for garage door opener installation can be tricky! You may ask yourself:  In this blog, we’ll answer these questions and more...
residential gate installation

5 Reasons to Consider Gate Installation for Your Home

Your property should feel safe, secure, and beautiful. When you pull into your driveway, you want to know that there is no risk of unwanted guests or thieves gaining access to your home. Residential gate installation is the best way to give you peace of mind! With options available for...
Insulated Garage Doors

6 Reasons Your Garage Door Needs Insulation

When purchasing your home, the garage isn’t necessarily a top priority. Of course, you’re happy to have a garage, especially a big one, but you’re likely going to spend more time checking out the bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces before you decide the deal’s off because of an issue in...
Garage Door Safety

Look, Listen, Learn & Remember

We all know what to do if we catch on fire (stop, drop, and roll) or what to do when crossing a street (look both ways), but do you know the steps to ensure your garage door is running safely?...
3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Access Control System

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Access Control System

If you have an older access control system or are looking to install one for the first time, there are a lot of factors to consider that might have you putting off the investment in a new system.To help with your decision, we’ve rounded up the top three reasons we...

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