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General Aviation Airport serves both private aircraft and small charter operations, supporting various activities from flight training to corporate business jets.


An area of our client’s property was restricting access to its passengers and flight crew. The access controls on the gate were confusing for individuals to operate, which led to frustration and high levels of wear over time. This resulted in the controls being broken, an often expensive thing to repair or replace.

Another problem they were facing was that electrical service wasn’t available on-site. Additionally, their solar panels were being blocked by the shadow of the building.


Assessing these issues, we concluded our client needed visibility and height clearance to be maintained along the fence—as the gated area was being used for observation.

Second, their new access controls needed to be durable to withstand high use.


We installed a Mag-Lock system with keypads and a battery that could be recharged by the solar panel. This style of lock is designed for high-use access, withstanding up to 1300 pounds of pressure and ensuring a stronger magnetic connection. Then, we used a more recognizable keypad to reduce confusion among the staff.

Next, the solar panel was moved about four feet from the gate to reduce the shadow time of the building’s control tower. The panel was then mounted onto a pole to further increase the height to eight feet. The additional height decreased the possibility of individuals hitting their heads.

Keep in mind, Extended cloudy weather and high use can drain access batteries faster than the solar panel can replace them. If this is something you’re experiencing, we recommend increasing the battery’s capacity.


We had an amazing experience working with General Aviation Airport. Not only did we replace their access equipment, but we were able to provide tailored solutions and products to tackle multiple issues at once. To learn more about Top Quality Doors’ commercial services, give our experienced team a call at (405) 267-8371.

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