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Gate Operator Installation in Mustang, OK

Defending your property starts with reliable access control. We want to help you have peace of mind when it comes to your agricultural, commercial, or industrial property. That’s why Top Quality Doors works hard to offer gate operator installation in Mustang, OK. We also offer a variety of access control solutions including commercial gates, barrier arms, keypad access, card readers, telephone entry, and more. When you need a great local gate company that you can count on, contact Top Quality Doors!

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Master Tech of Doors & Certified In Design

Kelly Belvin is the only IDEA Master Tech certified for garage doors in the state of Oklahoma! He is also designated as a Certified Automated Gate Systems Designer by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). These prestigious certifications mean that Kelly demonstrates a high degree of knowledge regarding safety standards and expertise in the design of automated gate systems and in garage door services.

Kelly Belvin, the only IDEA Master Tech in the state of Oklahoma

Our Solutions to Protect Your Property and Keep Assets Safe

Gate Operators

Top Quality Doors offers gate operators for sliding and swinging gates. Commercial gate operators are an important part of keeping your business moving quickly and efficiently while maintaining the safety and security of your property. There are a wide variety of Liftmaster gate operators available including:

  • Industrial Gate Operators
  • Heavy-Duty Gate Operators
  • Barrier Gate Operators
  • Swing Gate Operators
  • Slide Gate Operators
  • Specialty Gate Operators

We also offer gate operators from Doorking and HySecurity, giving you a great range of options to meet the unique needs of your property and budget.

Commercial Gates and Fences

Chain Link Gates

Chain link gates provide light and easy access control installation for residential, commercial, retail, and industrial properties. These gates are typically made of a steel or aluminum frame fitted with steel wire in a diamond pattern. Chain link fences are great for minor security, gardens, animal enclosures, sporting grounds, and many more applications. 

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Slide Gates

Commercial slide gates are the most common choice for industrial properties because they’re ideal for large-vehicle access. However, because they slide horizontally, they require a long stretch of fencing to be installed correctly. 

Swing Gates

Instead of moving in a straight line along a track like slide gates, swing gates open in or out to allow vehicles to access your property. Swing gates aren’t as popular because they require a long stretch of level land on either side of the gate to function properly. 

Vertical Lift Gates

Vertical lift gates move straight upward which is great for properties that have limited space to install a gate. Specifically, we see them installed at transportation terminals, delivery docks, and similar space-constrained areas. 

Barrier Arms

Barrier arms are a great cost-effective solution to control vehicle access to your commercial or industrial property. From simple wood or aluminum barrier gates to heavy-duty options stretching up to 30 feet in length, they are numerous barrier arms available to upgrade the asset security protection of your property. 

Access Control

We have low-clearance to high-security options for reliable commercial access control. Because every property is unique, businesses have differing needs for controlling who accesses their property and how they can get in. That’s why we offer a variety of access control accessories including:

  • Key Fobs
  • Key Pads
  • Card Readers 
  • Telephone Entry
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Our Favorite Brand: Ameristar

Ameristar Perimeter Security is the world’s largest ornamental fence and gate manufacturer, striving to help commercial and industrial facilities protect their property with the best. They have a wide range of durable products for a variety of applications from ornamental to high security. Explore their product offerings which include fences, gates, security barriers, and bollards. Whatever the needs of your property, Ameristar has the right solution to protect your property and ensure your assets remain safe. 

Ameristar Security Products
LiftMaster Garage Door Openers
DKS Doorking

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