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Ensure the Security of Your Storefront

Storefront security products like security gates and grilles give you peace of mind knowing your business is secure even when you’re not there. Enhanced security measures are becoming more and more necessary because, many times, an alarm system is not enough to deter theft and vandalism. However, if you have a locked rolling or accordion grille defending your business entrance, you know it is secure. 

Security gates and grilles are great for retail storefronts like grocery stores, clothing stores, shopping malls, and any shops that have front windows to display products. They also have exterior applications for parking garages, warehouses, car washes, and manufacturing plants. If you own a business and want to protect it against theft and vandalism, call Top Quality Doors for a free consultation. We’ll help upgrade your property with the best security gates and grilles on the market.

Security Gate and Grille Products

Rolling Grilles

If you need an easy-to-use security product that doesn’t restrict airflow or visibility, rolling grilles may be the best option for your business. This convenient grille is stored in a cylindrical container, taking up minimal room overhead and ensuring easy use. They are a cost-effective security solution that many shopping malls, schools, healthcare facilities, and more use to restrict unauthorized access and prevent theft or intrusion.

rolling grille

Accordion Folding Grilles

If you prefer a side-closing mechanism rather than overhead storage, an accordion folding grille fits a variety of applications for retail, commercial, and industrial settings. Side-folding grilles open and close horizontally, allowing you to easily secure your storefront against intruders. Accordion folding grilles are ideal for malls, airports, parking garages, food courts, and more. They are also available in specialty radius and S-curves to meet the needs of any property.

accordion folding grille

Counter Shutters

Counter shutters are ideal for small applications like ticket booths, concession stands, food courts, customer service counters, and more. Operating just like standard rolling grilles, these miniature products store overhead in a convenient, easy-to-use container. Counter shutters are an important part of security for arenas, schools, malls, and much more. They are even available with optional insulation to maintain the comfort and energy efficiency of the area connected to the shutter.

counter shutter

Security Shutters

If you operate a pharmacy, mall, storage facility, or any variety of storefront, security shutters elevate the protection of your business while maintaining a seamless look for your exterior appeal. They are easy to install and convenient to use – even available with automatic functions to operate with a keypad, remote, or smartphone app. The heavy-duty steel construction also makes them durable and long-lasting, giving you assurance for many years to come.

security shutter

Fire Shutter

Beyond just defending your business against theft and invasion, security doors can take protection a step further by defending your property in the event of a fire. Fire shutters function automatically in the event of a fire, stopping the spread of flames and smoke. This could provide vital time in the event of an emergency, allowing people to escape the fire or preventing its spread to save your business.

fire shutter

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Protecting the weak points of your building like the windows and doors is important to keep your property safe against theft and vandalism. Security gates and grilles like rolling grilles, accordion folding grilles, counter shutters, and security shutters give you peace of mind even when you can’t be there to defend your business. When you’re ready to discuss options for upgrading the safety and security of your property, Top Quality Doors is here to help. Give us a call to set up an appointment today.

Master Tech of Doors & Certified In Design

Kelly Belvin is the only IDEA Master Tech certified for garage doors in the state of Oklahoma! He is also designated as a Certified Automated Gate Systems Designer by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). These prestigious certifications mean that Kelly demonstrates a high degree of knowledge regarding safety standards and expertise in the design of automated gate systems and in garage door services.

Kelly Belvin, the only IDEA Master Tech in the state of Oklahoma

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