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Top Quality Doors offers LiftMaster, Genie, and Sommer residential garage door openers in Norman, OK. Newer models of these brands include unique features with the ability to connect to mobile devices, which allows homeowners to operate their opener with the touch of a button! In addition to smart garage door opener technology, these brands also offer battery backup. Battery backup gives you access to your garage and secures your home in the event of a power outage.

Are you basing your decision on the best warranty, best model, or best-automated technology and design? Maybe you’re considering which garage door opener requires simple repairs or service. If you’re looking for a reliable, automated garage door opener repair near Norman, OK, then we have just what you need. Contact us for all of your garage door opener needs in Norman, OK here at Top Quality Doors!


LiftMaster has a lifetime warranty on all motors and belts, a five-year warranty on parts, and a one-year battery-backup warranty. LiftMaster is the most popular residential garage door opener brand for its simple accessibility and no-fuss technology. Noise levels are the quietest on LiftMaster’s openers, and they have the strongest motors to lift the heaviest garage doors available. They also have rubber seal technology to keep belongings safe when no one’s home and other unique security features like MyQ.

MyQ is included in all of the LiftMaster garage door openers that we have available. You can control and secure your door and monitor people entering or exiting your garage all from your smartphone! In addition to your opener remote, the MyQ app also allows additional guests to access your garage door system.


Genie garage door openers closely mimic LiftMaster’s, but for a better overall price. These openers also feature the latest technology in safety and security. Genie openers use Aladdin Connect for a built-in WiFi system that pairs with your smartphone. They also have battery backup and LED lighting for convenient use and in case of emergencies.

The openers’ motors come with a 15-year warranty, but no warranty on parts and accessories. When you need repair on a Genie garage door opener, their replacement parts won’t require that you resync to a new remote. All of the devices will remain the same.


Manufactured in Germany, Sommer garage door openers are known for their near-silent operation and ultra-high durability. Their motors have only one moving part across a sturdy, steel rail creating virtually zero vibrations. The Sommer brand of garage door openers is different from traditional openers due to their motor being located on the door rather than on the back of the opener in order to maximize power. They have specialized in a fixed chain, or direct drive operation, making for simple repairs, if any, and higher durability.

There is a five-year warranty on the Sommer opener operator system, motor, and motor controller.

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Best Automated Garage Door Openers We Offer

The modern models listed above come with the best upgrades from LED lights and built-in Wi-Fi, to security and safety technology. This allows you to trust your garage door system to protect your home and your family. Many even include a backup battery so that you can enter and exit your garage in a power outage. No matter your specific home needs, Top Quality Doors can help find the best garage door opener in Norman, OK to fit you and your family.

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