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To get the highest productivity and reliability out of your commercial overhead doors, you must partner with the best local company to provide leading products and installation. At Top Quality Doors, we have been performing quality commercial overhead door installation near Norman, OK, for many years, so we know what it takes to deliver great results for your business. 

We frequently partner with car dealerships, storefronts, warehouses, fire stations, restaurants, and more to install top-of-the-line commercial overhead doors. If you’d like to explore new commercial doors from our incredible product lines, including Haas Door and Wayne Dalton Garage Doors, contact us to book your consultation today.

Master Tech of Doors & Certified In Design

Kelly Belvin is the only IDEA Master Tech certified for garage doors in the state of Oklahoma! He is also designated as a Certified Automated Gate Systems Designer by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). These prestigious certifications mean that Kelly demonstrates a high degree of knowledge regarding safety standards and expertise in the design of automated gate systems and in garage door services.

Kelly Belvin, the only IDEA Master Tech in the state of Oklahoma

Options for Commercial Overhead Door Installation

Rolling Steel 

Roll-up doors, also known as rolling steel doors, are a popular choice for businesses. These doors are constructed from steel sheets that can be easily rolled up and down. They are a reliable and efficient option and easier to repair as they can be fixed by section.

Sheet Doors 

Sheet doors are a type of roll-up door and are also stored in a compact metal tube near the ceiling. They are made of one continuous sheet, so the entire door must be replaced if damaged. On the positive side, they are affordable and will last a long time if you care for them.

Sectional Overhead Doors 

Sectional doors are constructed using panels similar to those found in residential homes. These commercial overhead doors can be customized to your specifications and are available in insulated and non-insulated varieties to meet your business’s needs. They are also easy to repair as individual sections can be replaced or fixed.

Commercial Glass Doors 

Commercial glass doors have a beautiful, sleek look and allow natural light to filter into your building, making them ideal for car dealerships and storefronts. The frame and glass panels can be customized to your liking in areas such as design, color, and size. They are also durable, as you can choose a heavy-duty aluminum frame and high-impact glass.

Haas Commercial Aluminum Series

Security Gates

Consider security gates if you want additional security measures for your commercial overhead door installation. With various designs available, ranging from overhead to slide to scissor gates, they are a reliable choice for protecting your building, parking garage, or property entrance.

accordion folding grille

Countertop Shutter Door 

Countertop shutters are similar to rolling steel doors but on a smaller scale. They are an excellent choice for commercial overhead door installation, especially if you have a kiosk or food stand that requires a closing window. We have experience installing countertop shutters for both interior and exterior applications.

Our Qualified Commercial Overhead Door Installation Process

When it’s time to transform your property with new commercial overhead door installation, it’s critical that you partner with the right local company that will guarantee great results. We’ve streamlined our installation process, ensuring it is efficient to minimize your downtime while maintaining the highest quality standard to ensure you get a long-lasting new overhead door. Partner with us for commercial overhead door installation in Norman, OK, and you can always expect great results. 

Boost Your Business’s Security and Curb Appeal

Outdated or malfunctioning commercial overhead doors make your property less secure and detract from curb appeal. It’s time to upgrade your business with commercial overhead door installation in Norman, OK, transforming your entrance into one that secures your valuables, protects your employees, and makes a great first impression on your customers. Top Quality Doors is here to assist you with making the best choice for upgrading your business’s long-term functionality and safety with our top-quality commercial overhead doors. Contact us today to learn more about the excellent products available to you.

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