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For garage door repair in Lexington, OK, trust our certified experts at Top Quality Doors. The city of Lexington is the oldest in the original Oklahoma Territory, and a mainstay among our service areas that we frequent. 

Unsure of where to start with your garage door overhaul? Our technicians will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong and what’s needed to fix the problem. Give us a call at (405) 267-8254 for questions and concerns, or request an appointment with us online. We’ll have one of our expert repairmen come to your home and thoroughly examine your garage door in Lexington, OK.

Entryway Problems in Lexington, OK? We’re On Our Way! 

Whether it’s regarding the entryway to your home or to your driveway, we have a wide variety of entryway solutions available along with comprehensive knowledge for your garage door repair and beyond. 

Maybe you’re not even sure what your garage door in Lexington, OK needs. You just know it isn’t working like normal. We’re happy to explain the importance of each component to the largest moving attachment to your home.

We also provide entryway solutions for access control like telephone entry systems, gate operators, commercial properties, security grilles, attic stair installation, and more! Contact us today for your entryway inquiry.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Single Master Tech Found Nearest You– Contact Us Today!

We boast over 18 years of industry experience designing, installing, and servicing garage doors. Aside from our extensive experience and sincere dedication to refining our local services, our very own lead installer and co-owner, Kelly Belvin, is the only IDEA Master Tech in the entire state of Oklahoma. Boasting the highest certifications available, Belvin leads Top Quality Doors with unwavering commitment to providing Lexington, OK and the surrounding areas with honest garage door repair.

We excel in addressing the following garage door issues:

garage door repair Lexington OK

If you notice missing components to your garage door or find fragments of parts, call our service experts right away. For reliable and efficient garage door repair in Lexington, OK don’t hesitate to call Top Quality Doors!  

How do I save money with my garage door?

A great start to saving money with your Lexington, OK garage door is:

  • Scheduling professional garage door repair or maintenance. 
  • Noticing your garage door is too far gone for repair and opting for a new garage door replacement.
  • Never prolong a necessary garage door repair. 
  • Clearing your garage door of any dirt, debris, or rust build-up.
  • Lubricating your garage door springs and adjoining hardware at least twice a year.

Ask us how you can maintain your garage door! In-between service appointments, we can walk you through the kind of care you need so that you can own a longer-lasting garage door.

Do you offer a garage door maintenance program?

Let our team know if you need general garage door maintenance, and we’ll set up an appointment with you. We would love to put you on a routine schedule for annual or biannual garage door tune-ups.

We offer our official Shield Preventative Maintenance Program to homeowners and companies with gate operators and access control systems. View our customized program for our extensive 24-point checklist, and how you can sign up.

What kind of products are featured in your showroom?

Our interactive office is set up so you can see some of our garage door colors and wood finishes. We also have varieties of automatic gate designs, and information on how doors, gates, and openers function together. You can come visit our office and showroom in Norman, OK anytime during business hours so you can see exactly what you’re looking for while getting all of your questions answered.

norman OK showroom
norman OK showroom

Learn more about our products.

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