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A Brand You Can Trust For Any Garage Door Installation

Haas Door is a locally-owned garage door manufacturing company located in Northwest Ohio. Established in 1954, Haas Door has continued to improve and perfect its manufacturing process of steel and aluminum garage doors. They demonstrate the highest degree of workmanship and take pride in every product they produce. 

At Top Quality Doors, we work hard to help our customers find the perfect door for their home’s new garage door installation. We’ve installed and repaired dozens of garage doors from various brands over the years, and we’re confident that if a steel or aluminum door is what you desire for your home, you can’t go wrong with the Haas Door brand. 

Why Choose Haas Door for Your Next Garage Door Installation?

Haas Door

Unmatched Expertise in Manufacturing Steel and Aluminum Garage Doors

Some garage door manufacturers produce garage doors of every material possible. Haas Door chose two of the most popular garage door materials, steel and aluminum, and developed unsurpassed expertise in manufacturing those two types of garage doors. Their aluminum and steel doors feature a range of R-values, thicknesses, sizes, surface treatments, and color options. 

Focus on Environmental Responsibility 

You’ll be pleased to know that all Haas Doors are produced in the United States, and their steel doors are made from 80% recycled material. They manufacture energy-efficient garage doors using environmentally-friendly polyurethane insulation. They’ve implemented a recycling program to reduce waste. Scrap metal, cardboard, plastic, and raw materials are reused or recycled when possible. 

Garage Doors and Parts Constantly Tested for Quality Assurance

Haas Door consistently produces high-quality, durable garage doors. Our team trusts their products because we’ve witnessed their evident commitment to testing their garage doors to ensure safety and quality standards are met. They inspect raw materials daily, test hinges, springs, rollers, tracks, and more by opening and closing doors thousands of times, and even complete performance testing on garage doors in various locations across the U.S. to see how they withstand different environments. 

Haas Door

Limitless Options for Steel or Aluminum Garage Door Installation

Your garage door installation options are endless when you choose a garage door from one of eight Haas Door Series. You’re bound to find a combination of material, design, color, window options, and customizations you love. Below are a few highlights of each garage door series. 

Haas American Tradition
American Tradition Series
Polyurethane Overlay Boards
13 Base and Overlay Colors
12 Door Designs
10 Window Options
26-Gauge Galvanized Steel
Haas Garage Doors
Aluminum 5000 Series
Corrosion-resistant Aluminum
Air Infiltration Joint Seal (specific models)
4 Panel Options
35 Window Options
Glass and Aluminum Garage Doors
Residential Aluminum 360 Series
Rust and Corrosion Free
14 Wood Grain Color Options
8 Painted Finish Options
3 Anodized Color Options
Custom Colors Available

All Insulated Steel Series garage doors are made of 26-gauge galvanized steel and include environmentally compliant polyurethane insulation. Each series offers 17 color options, 9 panel options, 35 window options, and 15 residential models. 

Insulated Garage Doors
Insulated Steel 2000 Series
2” Thick Insulation
17.66 Calculated R-Value
17 Color Options
9 Panel Options
15 Residential Models
Haas Doors
Insulated Steel 700 Series
1-¾” Thick Insulation
16.18 Calculated R-Value
17 Color Options
9 Panel Options
15 Residential Models
Steel Garage Doors
Insulated Steel 600 Series
1-⅜” Thick Insulation
13.45 Calculated R-Value
17 Color Options
9 Panel Options
15 Residential Models

The 2400 Series and 2500 Series have many similarities. Both series’ garage doors are 2” thick and made from 24-gauge galvanized steel. They all consist of tongue-and-groove construction, and 7.45 R-Value is available with a polystyrene insert. 

Haas Garage Door
2400 Series
6 Color Options
5 Panel Options
34 Window Options
18 Residential Models
Garage Doors Near Me
2500 Series
5 Color Options
4 Panel Options
33 Window Options
16 Residential Models

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When you’re ready for a new garage door installation, our Top Quality Doors team can help you choose the best door for your home. We partner with Haas Door to guarantee you a quality product. Couple that with our expert garage door installation service, and we are confident you’ll be more than satisfied with your new garage door installation. 

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