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How our Shield Preventive Maintenance Program Helps You Save Thousands Each Year

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Our team at Top Quality Doors is excited to unveil the new Shield Preventive Maintenance Program. This program has been a year in the making and has been specially designed for gate operators.

This program was created for both homeowners and companies who want to protect their gate operator, telephone entry or access control system. Each one of these components is an investment. Acknowledging this, our Shield Preventive Maintenance Programs establishes a consistent, scheduled conservation routine to help enhance reliability and extend the product’s lifespan.


The Shield Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program

Top Quality Door’s Shield PM program was specially designed for the early detection of malfunctions — reducing the potential downtime of a control system expected to operate 24-hours a day. This program prevents the risk of an unsecured home or business facility.

Our team will further customize the Shield PM program based on the number of components in your system, its daily use and location on your property. From there, our certified technicians will service it using a standardized 25-point checklist along with the product manufacturer’s specific recommendations.


How the Maintenance Process Works

A technician will come out to your location at regular intervals determined by your gate’s level of activity. This could place you on a monthly, biannual or annual preventive maintenance plan. From there, if repairs are needed, we’ll provide a written estimate based on current marketing pricing that will bring the system into compliance.

After you’ve approved the estimate, our expert technicians will complete any repairs your time and our truck allows for. Any issues that can’t be completed will be rescheduled by our office manager.


Prevention Saves You Thousands of Dollars in Repairs Each Year

Nothing is more frustrating, unsafe or expensive than a malfunctioning gate operator. We’ve worked on this program for a long time now because we wanted to ensure its sustainability for customers. As a local, family-owned company, we’re committed to customer service. We’ll never recommend a product you don’t need and you can always count on us to have your back.

To learn more about our Shield Preventive Maintenance Program and how you can enroll, reach out to our team today at (405) 579-3667.

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