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14 Ways to Improve Garage Door Security

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Protect Your Home With Increased Garage Door Security

Did you know that 9% of home break-ins occur through the garage door? Nine percent might not sound like much, but considering there are 2.5 million home invasions annually in the United States, that equates to 225,000 burglars and intruders finding access through a garage door! 

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If you’ve been wondering how to secure your garage door, you’re in luck! Our team at Top Quality Doors is sharing 14 ways to improve your home’s garage door security. Read on to learn more about securing your garage door, the latest technological advances impacting garage door security, and several additional tips to keep you, your family, and your home safe. 

The Best Ways to Secure Your Garage Door

1. Upgrade Your Garage Door Material – If your garage door quality is low, or your garage door is old and worn down, consider an upgrade! Professional garage door installation will ensure your new garage doors are fully functional. Choose a durable garage door material, such as steel or natural wood garage doors

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2. Reinforce Your Door Frame To prevent the door frame from being kicked in, consider reinforcing it with metal plates or bars. 

3. Enhance the Locking Mechanism – Garage doors have many types of locking mechanisms, including T-handle locks, keyed locks, automatic opener locks, manual slide bolts or bars, and more! If your garage door lacks an effective locking mechanism, consider upgrading to a smart locking system compatible with smart home technology or high-security deadbolt locks.

4. Secure Your Windows – If your garage door has windows, especially large windows, make sure they are reinforced with shatter-resistant film. You can also consider installing window bars as an added precaution.

5. Schedule Regular Maintenance – One of the best ways to improve your garage door security is with preventive maintenance. Garage door maintenance ensures that your door and all its parts are in good working order. During a tune-up, all moving parts are lubricated, cleaned, tested, and adjusted. Any damaged or worn-down parts will be reported, and garage door repair solutions will be recommended as necessary.

Invest In The Latest Garage Door Security Technologies

6. Install a Garage Door Security System – Modern security systems are a fantastic way to enhance garage door security. Security systems offer the following features:

  • Garage Door Sensors
  • Garage Door Alarms
  • Security Cameras
  • Smart Technology
  • Motion Activated Lighting
  • Smart Locks and Tamper Alerts
  • Cloud Storage for Video Footage
  • Emergency Release Mechanisms
  • Automatic Door Closing and Access Times
  • Remote Monitoring & WiFi Capabilities
  • Professional Monitoring Services – Authorities Dispatched

7. Use Timer-Controlled Lights – Use this feature to make outsiders think you are home, regardless of whether or not you’re present.

8. Use Visible Signage – Strategically place security system signs or alarm signs near the front of your home and by your garage to deter intruders from attempting to enter your home.

9. Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener – If your garage door opener is over eight years old, consider upgrading to a newer model to benefit from enhanced security features. Top Quality Doors offers garage door opener installation and replacement services with premium garage door openers perfect for any residential property.

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Extra Garage Door Security Tips

10. Secure Your Garage Remote – If you park your vehicle outside your garage, avoid leaving your garage door remote inside where it’s easily visible. It’s far too easy for intruders to break your vehicle window and waltz into your home. A few options for safe storage include:

  • Keychain remotes 
  • Locked glove compartment or console
  • Hidden vehicle compartments
  • Small locked container
  • Smart home system integrations

11. Lock the Interior Door – Many houses have an entryway leading directly from the garage into the home. As an added layer of defense, leave this entry door locked to prevent unauthorized access. 

12. Trim Landscaping – If you have bushes or shrubs near your garage, keep these neatly trimmed and contained. Intruders use overgrown vegetation as hiding spots, so eliminating this cover will increase your garage door security.

13. Educate Family Members – Every household member needs to know how to operate your garage door system safely and what to do in an emergency. Spend time reviewing safety and emergency procedures with your family. 

Our #1 Garage Door Security Tip: Consult With Garage Door Professionals!

Top Quality Doors is a local garage door company serving Norman, OK, and nearby service areas with garage door repair, installation, and maintenance services. We also specialize in access control systems for residential properties. Our main priority is helping our valued customers stay safe and secure with top-of-the-line garage door products and services.
If you have additional questions about how to improve your garage door security, schedule an appointment with us today! We’re here to help.

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