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Preparing for Garage Door Opener Installation: The How-To Guide

preparing for garage door opener installation

A Homeowner’s Guide to Preparing for Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door openers aren’t something you buy every day, so knowing how to choose the best opener to prepare for garage door opener installation can be tricky! You may ask yourself: 

  • What is horsepower, and how much does my door need?
  • What are the differences between opener drive styles? 
  • What features are non-negotiable, and which are added conveniences? 

In this blog, we’ll answer these questions and more. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about garage door opener installation and how to choose the best opener for you.

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4 Things to Consider When Preparing For Garage Door Opener Repair

Horsepower and Weight Capacity 

The larger and heavier the garage door, the more horsepower (hp) it needs to operate. Typically, a ½ hp opener is adequate for residential garage doors. More oversized garage doors or doors made of heavier material might require an opener with ¾ hp to 1 hp. These extra-strength openers will help the garage door open and close smoothly and efficiently. Ask a professional installer like Top Quality Doors which horsepower is best for your garage door opener installation. 

Drive Styles

There are four main types of opener drive styles. The kind of drive you choose for garage door opener installation depends on your garage door size, budget, and preferences. 

  1. Chain Drive – These drives operate on a trolley system with a metal chain. They are the most affordable option but also the noisiest. Chain drive openers also tend to require more maintenance
  2. Belt Drive – If quiet door operation is a priority, consider investing more in a belt drive opener. They are the quietest drive type because they run on a rubber belt instead of a chain. The reduced vibration of a belt drive opener decreases overall wear and tear, making them last longer. 
  3. Screw Drive – This drive type is excellent for large, heavy doors. They have fewer moving parts, so they require less maintenance. Screw drives fall in the middle between chain and belt drives as far as noise level during operation. 
  4. Jackshaft Drive – If your garage has a low ceiling or you want to utilize your garage ceiling for additional storage space, consider a jackshaft, aka wall-mount, drive. These openers are installed on the wall, eliminating the need for overhead rails used in most traditional opener styles. 

Security, Safety, and Modern Technology Features

All garage door openers must have basic safety features to reduce the risk of injury. Auto-reverse mechanisms, sensors (or photo eyes), and manual release capabilities are a few standard safety features you’ll receive with a new garage door opener installation. Other safety, security, and technology features are added bonuses! Decide which features are most important to you, and this will help you choose the perfect opener for your garage door opener installation.

A few additional bonus features to consider include:

  • Rolling code technology increases security by changing the access code sent to the opener from the remote or keypad each time it’s used, decreasing the risk of unauthorized access. 
  • Battery backup options enable regular operation even during extreme weather conditions and power outages. 
  • Smartphone and Wifi capabilities allow users to access and monitor their garages from anywhere. Open and close your garage door from afar and know when your garage door is in use.
  • Video and 2-way audio options are available with newer opener models for ultimate security and convenience.
  • Diagnostic features alert owners of any issues with the garage door and parts that may need repair.

Opener Brands

There are many garage door opener brands, but not all offer the same level of functionality. At Top Quality Doors, we stick with the best brands for the best results. We’ve discovered that LiftMaster, Genie, and Sommer garage door openers are unbeatable in terms of longevity, durability, and unique features. Learn more about the garage door openers we offer and each brand’s special features, such as LiftMaster’s myQ app, Genie’s Aladdin Connect, and Sommer’s SOMlink program. 

Ready to Get Started? Call the Professionals at Top Quality Doors!

You should feel good about the opener you choose for your garage door opener installation. Remember to consider the horsepower needed, drive style preferred, additional features offered, and brand options. When in doubt, ask! Top Quality Doors in Norman, OK specializes in garage door opener installation and our team is happy to answer your questions. Schedule a consultation today!

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