3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Access Control System

Why You Should Invest in a New Access Control System

If you have an older access control system or are looking to install one for the first time, there are a lot of factors to consider that might have you putting off the investment. To help with your decision, we’ve rounded up the top three reasons we recommend a new access control system, whether you’re looking for your personal home or a large commercial complex.

Access control system

3 Reasons to Install a New Access Control System

Added Convenience

Access control systems are more convenient than ever. The latest models have entry options ranging from traditional keypads to intuitive touch screens, plus you can grant access remotely via app, text, voice, keypad, directory call, or remote devices. If you want to be able to safely and reliably access and secure your property at any time, we recommend a new access control system. 

Better Security

New access control systems are more reliable and secure. Thanks to smart technology, many systems can provide real-time activity tracking and alerts, letting you know when active codes are being overused and when inactive codes are being attempted. You’ll also have an additional layer of defense thanks to information safeguards and cloud-based security. New access systems give you the ultimate peace of mind!

Improved Connectivity

Lastly, modern access control systems have more quality connectivity options. Depending on the model, an access control system can be set up using POTS (telephone lines), DSL, wired high-speed, cellular, or Wi-Fi connections. All of these provide clear call quality without additional phone line charges. “But what if my internet goes down?” Don’t worry; newer systems have local system memory that will still allow entry!

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If you are looking to upgrade your home or business with a new access control system, Top Quality Doors would love to assist you! We provide access control installation in and around Norman, OK, and we would love to assist you. Contact us for more information about telephone entry, keypads, and more!

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