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Have you been considering installing a gated entry for your commercial business or property? Whether you’re a residential community, apartment complex, storage facility or simply looking to increase security for your business, there are endless benefits to keypad gate systems.

One of the most valuable advantages being the opportunity to control who enters and leaves your property. With keypad entry, you’re able to provide additional security for your staff or residents. You won’t have to worry about visitors wandering into private or restricted areas of your property and you’ll decrease the risk of inventory loss.

Rather than having personnel guard the premises, keypad entries are much simpler in comparison to other access systems. For example, a visitor can open the gate using a key code, card or even a clicker. If opting for a key code, you can provide each guest with a distinct one to help you track who goes in and out. Additionally, you have the option to issue key codes for single or temporary use.

If your business is planning on installing a gate system, a keypad entry can be easily incorporated into the process. If you already have a gate along the property, a keypad entry is a great way to strengthen your security efforts. For more information about our gates and keypad entries, give us a call at (405) 579–3667 or feel free to explore our website!

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