How to spot marketing from Garage Door Scammers

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Your garage protects some of your most valuable possessions. Whether you are due for an upgrade, a victim of natural disaster or are in need of small repairs. Your garage door is the footway to many scammers and robbers alike. When replacing the doorway to valuables, and in some cases, even entry to your home, be sure to investigate the professionals who are in charge.

Don’t rely on fancy advertising

Scammers will purchase big advertisements in largely populated areas which look similar to reputable companies. Don’t be afraid to look into the ads you see. Do your research on websites written within the ads and perform an internet search of the company.

Don’t let a good advertisement make you think it is a good company to hire. Instead, look for a strong reputation in your community, and do your homework to find any other red flags.

Investigate the name of the company

Scammers do not want to be found after they have ripped off customers, so look for multiple websites operating under the same company name. Be sure the name used in the ad matches what’s listed on their websites.

If something feels “off” about the name, then something might be off with the company. Ask yourself:

  • Is this a company I have heard of before?

  • Have any of my friends or family members used this company?

  • Are there any concerning inconsistencies between website pages and ads?

Don’t assume the address is correct

Find the street view of the address listed in their advertisement. Make sure the listed location actually leads to a building, and be wary of addresses leading to places which are abandoned. Keep in mind, corporate plaza’s are rarely a location option in this industry. Be cautious when finding addresses in high rise buildings and small locations.

If it sounds too good…

A company promising suspiciously low rates for a job might be trying to get you to hire them so they can give you a higher bill than promised when they finish the job. Try to determine the expected cost of your garage door repair by talking with more than one company. They should offer prices in reasonable range.

Of course, some companies will be slightly more expensive and others maybe a little cheaper, but if you find a company offering significantly lower prices, proceed with extreme caution. If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably a scam.

Check reviews and ratings online

Search for customer reviews through well-known sites such as the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Scammers are known to make false claims to these websites as well, so be cautious and search for confirmed accreditations.

Some companies will place misleading statements and logos in their advertisements claiming of certified technicians. You can search for validation of this information online through the International Door Association.

The International Door Association (IDA) has search tools to find certified companies in your area. Utilize any resources you have in order to assure the company installing your garage door is not taking advantage of you.

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