The #1 Question to Ask a Gate Contractor


Do you know the person installing your sliding and swinging gates in Norman OK? Do you know how much experience they have or whether they have a criminal background?

By hiring this person, you’re providing a front row seat to your electronic access controls. And depending on the level of installation and system purchased, they could even have access to the details of the components and your codes.

Some states, including Oklahoma, decided you should have a minimum amount of information regarding those two questions. This belief led to the enactment of the Oklahoma Alarm, Locksmith and Fire Sprinkler Industry Act and Administrative Rules (the Act). The Act sets basic requirements for any person applying for a license.

The person you’re hiring:

1. Is at least eighteen (18) years of age

2. Has not been declared incompetent by way of mental illness or disease, and has not been restored to competency

3. Is not a habitual user of intoxicating liquors or a user of illegal or illicit drugs or controlled substances

4. Has not been discharged from the Armed Service of the United States under dishonorable conditions

5. Is of good moral character

6. Meet the standards set further regarding experience and or knowledge

Under the Act, there are five different licenses for electronic access controls: company, manager, technician, salesperson and technician/salesperson trainee. Let’s take a look at the licensing requirements for each.

The company license is where it all begins. In order for a company to apply for a license, the company must complete an application. Depending on the structure of the company, the sole proprietor or anyone who owns 25% or more in the company must submit two classified sets of fingerprints for a national background check and a passport style photo.

Once the application has been approved, the license requirements state that the company must employ a licensed manager and that a licensed technician or manager shall be on site for any work being performed.

For an individual to have a manager’s license, they must complete an application including a statement of two years of verified experience in the electronic access control business. The person must pass an examination regarding knowledge of the industry and a security background check.

To obtain a technician or salesperson license, an individual must complete an application, pass an examination regarding knowledge of the industry and a security background check. Technician and salesperson licenses are only active if they’re working for a licensed company.

And finally, the trainee license. This license is for those new to the industry. These individuals must be employed by a licensed company and submit an application within 15 days of starting employment.

They must pass a security background check and be under the direct supervision of an electronic access control licensed manager, technician or salesperson. They’re restricted to certain activities on the job site under this supervision.

Take the necessary steps to learn if the company and technician installing your automatic gate system care enough to be compliant with state laws and are licensed to install or service your electronic access controls. If they are, their license number should be displayed proudly around their company.

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