Solar power tax Credit

Liftmaster Solar-powered Gate Operator Tax Credit

Solar power tax Credit

It’s tax season, and we all like to make purchases throughout the year that’ll give us a little break when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam. Sometimes, the federal government offers tax credits for making environmentally-friendly decisions for things like purchasing a new electric car or installing your solar Liftmaster – Solar Powered Gate Operator System.

Take Advantage of 30% Off

Homeowners are now eligible to apply for a tax credit equal to 30% off the total installation cost of your solar powered gate operator system.The credit applies to related solar panel, opener, access control device, remote controls, entrapment protection devices, etc.

The tax credit doesn’t apply to the cost of the gate itself, leveling the gate, replacing hinges or other work required to fix the physical gate.

The Documentation You’ll Need

Capture More Savings With Solar

Beyond the tax credit, with solar gate operators, you can save utility costs. It also saves you from the expense of routing electric out to the gate, and possible landscaping expenses related to reaching an electric source.

The LiftMaster features best-in-class power management systems. It’s both reliable and sturdy, so you can expect it to last. It also works in all climates, so it can take the Oklahoma heat, the cold winter months and rainy days.

The Benefits of a Gate Operator

For businesses, a gate operator will provide an extra level of security, which is important for property managers. It also protects your assets. For homeowners, it provides convenience. You can stay in your car when it’s cold and rainy to pull onto your property. Like businesses, it can also give you peace of mind with the added security.  

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