5 Reasons to Consider Gate Installation for Your Home

Your property should feel safe, secure, and beautiful. When you pull into your driveway, you want to know that there is no risk of unwanted guests or thieves gaining access to your home. Residential gate installation is the best way to give you peace of mind! With options available for security gates, decorative gates, and more, you can select the best option to upgrade the look and security of your home. 

Not convinced that gate installation is the best choice for your residential property? Check out our top five reasons to invest in a gate system!

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Residential Gate System

Secure Your Property

The primary reason most property owners invest in a residential gate system is to increase their security. Gates prevent unauthorized people and vehicles from accessing your property. A more secure-looking home – like one surrounded by solid fencing and a reliable gate system – also dissuades thieves from entering because they don’t want to worry about scaling the fence or getting trapped on your property. 

You can even add access control for an added layer of security. Card readers, keypads, remote controls, and motion sensors ensure consistent, easy access for you while preventing anyone without the proper credentials from entering your property. Modern technology even allows you to monitor and operate your gate from your smartphone!

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Add Value To Your Home

Because driveway gates add to the beauty, security, and safety of your property, they add great value to your home. Some homeowners have even seen a 5% or more increase in the value of their homes. If you ever put your property on the market, you should see a full return on your gate installation investment because homebuyers see a gated property as a huge asset. 

To get the most bang for your buck out of gate installation, we recommend investing in quality products like steel or wood gates and then upgrading functionality with an automatic gate opener

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Your design options for increasing curb appeal with gate installation are also endless! Materials include steel, aluminum, wood, and even glass. You can also select the gate design from a variety of styles to complement the look of your home, whether it’s modern or traditional. We recommend getting in touch with a professional to explore all your options for new gate installation!

Great curb appeal is all about first impressions, and a new gate is one of the best ways to create an incredible first impression for your home by increasing your curb appeal. When people drive up to your property, they’ll be impressed by the automatic gate that ensures the security of your home while making it look great.

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Ensure Your Privacy

Fencing and gates also ensure the privacy of your property. Tall metal or wood fencing creates an impenetrable wall against prying eyes so your family always feels secure. With a rigid boundary surrounding your property, your home will be safeguarded against thieves, peeping toms, and even stray animals. Fencing and gates also keep your valuables like cars, lawn equipment, and motor vehicles out of sight. 

Protect Children and Pets

Without fence and gate boundaries, children and pets may wander off your property or gain access to the road. To protect children and pets, many homeowners choose gate installation to increase the safety of their property. With a fence and gate, you’ll have peace of mind knowing children and pets can’t access the road and will remain safe within the property’s boundaries. By the same token, a fence and gate will also keep potential invaders out, meaning your children and pets can play in the yard without worry. 

Options Available for Gate Installation

If you’re convinced gate installation is the best choice for your property, then it’s time to start exploring options. Depending on the specifics of your driveway entrance, you may need a sliding or swinging gate. 

Sliding gates are best for areas where the land has an upward slope, or if the path of travel is too restricted for a swing gate. However, sliding gates require a longer fence stretch, meaning the gate needs to be 1.5 times the width of the opening with room to accommodate the tracks and rollers.

A swinging gate is another popular residential gate option. It requires less maintenance and only needs half the hardware of sliding gates. However, swing gates need more room in the length of the driveway and a fairly level area to operate efficiently.

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