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6 Reasons Your Garage Door Needs Insulation

6 Reasons Your Garage Door Needs Insulation

When purchasing your home, the garage isn’t necessarily a top priority. Of course, you’re happy to have a garage, especially a big one, but you’re likely going to spend more time checking out the bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces before you decide the deal’s off because of an issue in the garage. 

However, your garage door can make a big difference to the quality of your home, specifically an insulated one. Government agencies require a specific rating for your attached garage’s insulation, but did you know there are other benefits to having an insulated garage door? For many, the main benefit is increased comfort, but there are even more reasons to make sure your garage is properly insulated, no matter what time of year it is. 

Top 6 Reasons You Need Garage Door Insulation

Saving Energy

Unless you’ve converted your garage into a part of your living space, your garage probably isn’t climate controlled. While it may be a bit closer to the temperature of your house than the great outdoors, odds are it’s still quite warm in the summer and cold in the winter. 

While this, in itself, is not that big of a deal, the fact of the matter is that an attached garage has a door inside which leads directly into your home. Because of this, each time you open that door, you’re letting unregulated air into the house. This might not seem like it would make a big difference, but on a tremendously hot day, it can make your air conditioner work much harder if your garage door isn’t insulated. On the other hand, an insulated garage door regulates the air in your garage, meaning your home can maintain temperature and energy efficiency more effectively.

Air Quality

As you know, your garage is the place where you park your car. But did you know that, even in tiny quantities, vehicles emit various harmful gases like carbon monoxide and other fumes which can enter your home? With the rise of technologies like remote start, these fumes have become harder to control, especially if you start your car without realizing that the garage door is still closed. However, an insulated garage helps ensure better protection for your family. 

Longer Life

We’re not saying your life will be longer if you have an insulated garage (though that could happen too, we haven’t done the research), but we are saying that in many cases, an insulated garage door will last much longer than a pan or non-insulated door. 

A garage door with proper insulation is constructed differently from a single-layer door, which makes them much stronger. Added durability means your garage door can stand up better against typical wear-and-tear, as well as accidents from cars, kids, and equipment.

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Noise Control

Many people have fond memories of hearing the garage door and knowing that their dad or mom is home. But once you get older, those sounds can really become a nuisance, especially in a smaller home with no insulation. 

Insulation provides for quieter opening and closing than an uninsulated garage door which can rattle and shake as the door operates. While this is by no means the most important priority, it is a nice perk of having an insulated garage. Some noise issues come from old, worn-down tracks, but sometimes it’s the door itself. An insulated garage door can help reduce this noise, giving you a quiet and smooth garage door operation.

Increased Security

Older, uninsulated garage doors were and are constructed from thin sheets of steel built on top of one another. While this might sound good because steel is a strong metal, anyone who’s owned a non-insulated garage door knows that it’s not particularly strong and can dent easily. 

An insulated door is stronger and more difficult to break through. Even more, an insulated garage door protects your car from extreme temperatures. In severe hot and cold, a car and other belongings stored in your garage can take damage from extreme temperatures, leading to shorter battery life, thickened fluids, and unreliable spark plugs and wiring. An insulated door helps protect your stuff. 

An insulated garage door is also thicker and heavier, making it more difficult for home invaders to access your home through the garage. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure against attack.

Temperature Control

Along with saving energy inside your home, an insulated door also keeps you nice and comfortable as you get in and out of your car. At first thought, this might seem like a pretty low priority, but trust us, once you’ve tried an insulated garage door, you’ll immediately see – and more importantly, feel – the difference. 

For anyone who hates to get into a hot car and immediately start sweating, an insulated garage door can alleviate some of the heat and get you headed off to work in a nice, comfortable vehicle. 

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