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3 Ways to Spot a High-Quality Installer

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As a local, family-owned company, we’ve made it a point to be different. Not in the flashy, confetti throwing kind of different – but in a more personal way. When searching for a company to manage your gates and operators, two major requirements must be met:

  • They have the knowledge and experience to carry out the job.

  • And, the service scope stays within your budget.

It’s important to pause and think for a moment. What other factors go into determining a high-quality installer for your gate entry? Is it location, timeline flexibility? And, what about technicians? In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing 3 ways to spot a high-quality installer and how to get the most out of your customer experience.


1. Deep-Rooted Knowledge

Along with the company’s certifications, ask about the measures they’ve taken to improve the industry knowledge of their technicians. You’ll want to look for a company not only has enlisted a team bringing various qualifications to the table, but also holds a high standard of service and takes the necessary steps to improve their installation practices.


2. Years of Industry Experience

In addition to knowledge and continual improvement, a good reputation is another factor to look for. When you hire a company like Top Quality Doors, you’re hiring over 18 years of experience with gate doors and operators. Each technician is factory and manufacturer trained on the latest specifications for optimal installation and safety.


3. A Genuine Passion to Serve

The third and perhaps the tipping point of these factors is a genuine passion to serve its customers. Various companies will treat you like just another project in the queue. But as a local, veteran-owned business, we take service a step further and treat you like our fellow neighbor.

Our technicians come to work each day excited and look forward to the opportunity to serve. They arrive quickly and punctually, and will always give you their honest diagnosis. We’re not out to make a quick buck. We’ll only recommend repairs or parts you need.


Our team is focused on your specific needs and what’s necessary to make your home or place of business the safest it can be. We’re fortunate to have built such a business rooted in authenticity and look forward to serving you. To learn more about our gates, operators or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to reach out to us today at (405) 579-3667.


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