Before and After Garage Door Installation

5 Ways to Save Money Before AND After Installation

A common question we’re asked by neighbors, customers and colleagues is “How can I save money on my garage door or gate operator installation?” While some components you’d rather not skimp out on (like security features), there are several ways you can cut costs without cutting corners.

In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing five ways you can save money before and after installation.

Before and After Garage Door Installation


How Can I Save Money Initially?

1. Multiple Estimates

First and foremost, obtain multiple estimates. Not only is it important to thoroughly research the product you’re purchasing but also the company that’s conducting the installation. Various companies will tell you what the product is going to be, but few will explain how they’ll conduct business. Here are three ways to spot a high-quality installer.

2. Measure Correctly

Believe it or not, measurements play a crucial role in your cost. Make sure your measurements are correct as well as the location of your installation. This ensures the products chosen are correct both functionally and aesthetically. Ordering a garage door that’s too large or too small results in you having to purchase two doors (one of which you can’t even use).

What Can I Do to Save Money Long-Term? 

3. Proper Upkeep

For both garage doors and gate operators, it’s important to conduct checks periodically. First, make sure there isn’t a lot of shake and shimmy in the tracks or rollers. Next, ensure that the garage door rollers are properly lubed with the correct product.

With gate operators specifically, the maintenance will be very similar. The key is regularly lubing the chains and tracks. 

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4. Clearing Obstructions

It’s also important to identify and clear any obstructions in the tracks on a regular basis. If you have access to take off the covering for the case, open it up. Also look for hidden visitors like rodents or insects, as they tend to make themselves cozy in those tight spots. Taking a step further, here are some strategies to prevent seasonal damage to your door.

5. Preventive Maintenance

Just like the movies, we’ve saved the best tip for last! A sure-fire way to ensure your gate operator stands the test of time (and saves you from costly repairs) is enrolling in our Shield Preventive Maintenance Program.

This program helps homeowners and companies protect their investment through scheduled maintenance and product servicing. This allows us to detect malfunctions as soon as possible, reducing potential downtime as well as hefty replacements.

With this program, our certified technicians come to you and service your system based on a 24-point checklist standard as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations. For more details on that list, click here.

Initial savings begins with choosing the right installer while the key to long-term savings is preventive maintenance. To learn more about our gate operators, garage doors or to discuss a maintenance plan with a member of our team, we invite you to reach out to us today at (405) 579-3667.

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