Top Two Garage Door Brands

So it’s time for garage door replacement, and you are looking for the best product to upgrade the look and functionality of your home or business. Where do you begin? By finding the top garage door brand to supply the best options. But with so many garage door manufacturers out there, how do you know which one to choose for supplying your new garage door? 

This is where Top Quality Doors comes in. Backed by almost two decades of industry experience, we have installed hundreds of garage doors from pretty much every brand on the market. Now, we are here to help you make the right choice by bringing this expertise to you. 

Check out our guide to the best options from the top two garage door brands: CHI Overhead Doors and Haas Door.

Our Top Two Garage Door Brands

CHI Overhead Doors

About CHI Overhead Doors

Since beginning in 1981, CHI Overhead Doors has been building garage doors with an emphasis on quality. Founded by an Amish community, a larger company eventually acquired them, but they still manufacture their products in Arthur, IL. It is clear from its many product options that CHI wants to provide the very best in garage doors and accessories. Striving for success, they continually work to improve their products and manufacturing process one door at a time. 

Top Garage Doors from CHI

CHI Shoreline
CHI Overhead Doors accents woodtones
CHI Full-View Aluminum Garage Doors

From top to bottom, CHI Overhead Doors offers some of the best garage doors on the market, with six collections featuring eleven garage door varieties. Ranging from steel to glass to faux wood, their incredible products are highly customizable in terms of style, finish, and insulation. They even provide DoorVisions software, allowing you to design your new garage door online and see how different styles and colors will look with your home. 

Their most popular products are the Accent Series and their quality overlay doors like the Shoreline and Overlay Carriage House. They also offer exceptional full-view glass garage doors like the Full-View Aluminum. Each product has proven quality backed by great customer reviews. Top Quality Doors has also installed tons of CHI products and can attest to their quality and longevity. 

Beyond just exceptional residential garage doors as listed above, CHI also offers some of the best commercial doors on the market. Their products include insulated doors, rolling steel, full-view aluminum, high-performance doors, and more to meet the needs of any business. 

Learn more about garage doors from CHI Overhead Doors.

Garage Door & Gate Company

Haas Door

About Haas Door

Haas Door is a locally-owned garage door manufacturing company located in Northwest Ohio. Established in 1954, Haas Door has worked hard over its decades in business to continually improve and perfect its manufacturing process of steel and aluminum garage doors. They demonstrate the highest degree of workmanship and take pride in every product they produce. 

Top Garage Doors from Haas

HAAS Full view gargae door with brown frames
Haas Doors
Haas American Tradition

Haas Door is known for its wide range of product options, including eight garage door series ranging from steel to aluminum to full-view glass. Within each garage door series are dozens of customizations, including model, color, paneling, and windows. It is easy to design your perfect new garage door with the incredible products from Haas. 

The most popular Haas garage doors are the American Tradition Series, Insulated Steel 2000 Series, and Residential Aluminum 360 Series. Each garage door is built with a commitment to quality, durability, and environmental responsibility (Haas doors are made from steel that contains 80% recycled material). Their doors are also energy-efficient, insulated with polyurethane or polystyrene foam to keep your home comfortable. 

Like CHI, Haas also offers a full line of commercial doors alongside their residential products. From the classic look of their American Tradition 9000 Series to the heavy-duty Insulated Steel 800 Series, their commercial doors are built to last. Alongside great durability, they also offer numerous color, wind load, and insulation options to meet the unique needs of your business. 

Learn more about garage doors from Haas Door.

Ready to Find the Best New Garage Door for You?

With so many great options out there for new overhead doors, we know it can be difficult to make the best choice for your home or business. That’s why the experts at Top Quality Doors are here to help. We would be happy to recommend the best products from CHI and Haas to ensure a great outcome for your garage door project. Contact us today to learn more or to book a consultation with our experts!

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