4 Most Common Gate Issues and How To Fix Them

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Automatic gates are a great way to protect your property and boost your curb appeal, but eventually, even the best residential gates will experience issues. Let’s review the four most common gate issues and how you can troubleshoot them. 

4 Most Common Gate Issues and How To Fix Them

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1. Gate Won’t Open or Close.

A stuck gate can be a major headache, but there are a few easy fixes. 

Potential Reasons Why Your Gate Won’t Open or Close

  • Stuck in manual mode
  • Obstruction in tracks from debris or pests
  • Faulty remote control
  • Power outage

Troubleshooting a Stuck Gate

If your gate doesn’t open or close, it may be a simple issue like sensors that need cleaning. Try cleaning and realigning the gate sensors and ensuring no debris or pests are blocking the sensors or tracks. Another simple issue and its solution is transitioning the gate from manual to automatic mode. If bad weather or electrical failure switched your gate opener to manual mode, return it to automatic mode and attempt to open it again.  

2. Gate Makes Unusual Noises.

If your gate makes unusual grinding, scraping, or beeping noises, it’s time for an inspection.

Potential Reasons for a Noisy Gate

  • Malfunctioning gate opener
  • Poor installation
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Bent tracks

Troubleshooting a Noisy Gate

In the case of a gate that makes scraping or grinding noises, the easiest first step is lubricating all moving parts with a silicone base lubricant or white lithium grease. You can also tighten loose screws or bolts and examine your gate for worn-out parts. Try operating your gate again to see if that restored smooth operation. If not, it’s best to schedule professional gate maintenance to ensure there aren’t any significant issues. 

For a beeping gate, you have an issue with the automatic gate opener, like a dead battery or an electrical shortage. Check to see if your gate opener displays an error code and what the owner’s manual says about diagnosing specific beeping noises. 

3. Gate Opens Slowly. 

If your gate opens slowly, you need to inspect the automatic opener and the gate itself. 

Potential Reasons for a Slow Gate

  • Dirty or obstructed tracks
  • The motor isn’t strong enough for the gate
  • Poorly lubricated parts
  • Batteries are dying

Troubleshooting a Slow Gate

A slow gate usually signals an issue with the batteries, motor strength, or parts. If you hear frequent beeping from the automatic opener paired with a slow gate, you may need new batteries – which you should let a professional gate company handle. You can also have a gate company assess your slow-moving gate to see if your gate requires a larger motor to operate properly. 

On your own, you can also examine the tracks for pests or debris and lubricate all moving parts to create a smoother, faster gate operation. 

4. Gate Starts to Open or Close, Then Reverses.

Does your gate start to open or close then automatically reverse? Gate sensors are usually the culprit. 

Potential Reasons a Gate Starts to Open and Reverses

  • Faulty gate sensors
  • Obstruction in the gate’s path
  • Blocked track or wheels

Troubleshooting a Faulty Gate

If your gate starts to open and then reverses, the first thing you should check is your gate sensors. These safety mechanisms prevent your gate from closing on anyone or anything. Gate sensors can come out of alignment or be blocked by pests, debris, or obstructions. Whatever the case, try cleaning and realigning the sensors to restore your gate to its typical function. 

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How To Get Ahead of Gate Repairs

If you want to avoid the headache of a faulty, slow, or stuck gate, we recommend scheduling gate maintenance with a local gate company like Top Quality Doors. For almost 20 years, we have served Norman, OK, and the entire Oklahoma Metro Area with top-rated gate repair, maintenance, and installation. We would be happy to assist you with all your gate repair needs – troubleshooting and full repair or replacement. Give us a call to ask questions or set up an appointment!

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